Welcome to Day Two!   Today, let’s talk about distractions.


The phone…. eMail…. other people…. the refrigerator…  and anything else that’s keeping you from your writing.

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    1. These are really great videos. A tear or few shed here – resonated rather reactively to the perfectionist bit.

    2. Marie Prins
      July 26th

      I once heard a local, well-known writer wryly comment on her husband’s expectation that around noon she leave her office (where she’s presumably been writing) and make him a sandwich. The audience laughed, of course, at the silliness of this request. But since then, I try to see the distractions of phone calls, texts, e-mails, chores, etc. as my own ‘sandwich requests’ that pull me away from writing. Silly, but powerful.

    3. I enjoy the videos and I have a short story that I written. Where can I send the story to have someone review it so I can know how to fix any problems that it have. I am knew at writing, but I am interested in learning. T he title of the story is Dreamland.

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