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Writing Groups 101 – Which Kind is Right For You?

There’s more to a writers’ group than just critiquing. Learn about the different types of groups for writers and pick the one that’s right for you!

Let’s Celebrate these CBI Insiders!

Our CBI Insiders are taking the publishing world by storm!  Here’s some of what our Children’s Book Insider subscribers are accomplishing (with just a little help from CBI!)

A 12 Step Program for Rejected Writers

For writers, rejection offers two clear outcomes: Discouragement or empowerment. In this article, Jane McBride gives you a step-by-step approach to overcoming rejection and using it to become a stronger, more determined writer.

Kendra Levin of Viking Children’s Books: A Day In The Life of Executive Editor

We present an interview with Kendra Levin, Executive Editor of Viking Children’s Books. It’s an invaluable look inside the work life of an editor that offers some excellent insights for all submitting writers.

A Peek Inside the Workings of an Independent Bookstore

An independent bookstore owner talks about what’s selling now in middle grade and young adult fiction, and how he likes to work with authors on setting up events.

Writing Children’s Book Dialogue That Flows

Writing dialogue seems like it should be easy and natural. In truth, it can be quite tricky. Here’s some great advice to make mastering the art of dialogue much easier.

Understanding Children’s Book Categories from Picture Books to YA

Children’s book categories encompass children from birth through their teen years. Here’s how the age groups break down, and how each category is written.

‘The Best Things in Life Are on the Other Side of Terror’

If fear is holding you back from pursuing your dreams, listen to what Will Smith has to say.      

Narrative Nonfiction: Making Facts into a Story

When editors say they are looking for narrative nonfiction, what does that mean? A best-selling picture book author gives her best tips.

Watch Your Tone!

Tone is one of the trickiest issues for many writers. In this piece, veteran author Jane McBride explains it all, simply and elegantly.

Stand Out From the Crowd When You Submit

Many people want to be writers. But few people put the time in to write professional level manuscripts. So, what can you do to stand out from the crowd in a positive way? Can you get your work noticed in the slush pile?

What’s YOUR Writing Profile? Find Out Now!

  No two writers are created alike.  Some of us are masters of planning and organization.  Others among us live by improvisation and spontaneity.  And still others work somewhere in the middle.   You probably heard of writers being described as “plotters” or “pantsters” (as in “seat of their pants”).   And perhaps you’ve even […]