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Top Editor Emma Dryden on Hot Children’s Book Trends & How to Connect with Teens

Recently, top children’s book editor Emma Dryden sat down for a video chat with CBI Publisher Laura Backes.


In this, the second of three parts, Emma weighs in on the latest publishing trends, and discusses how authors can connect with teens and tweens.

Book Marketing: How to Make Great Videos that Sell Books and Create Fans

With Youtube now the #2 search engine on earth, it’s vital that all writers know the ins and outs of crafting memorable videos.


In this exclusive webinar, learn how easy it is to create incredible videos that will help your book marketing efforts.

The Amazing Rosie in “What Makes a Children’s Book Great”!

Join the Amazing Rosie and Rocky the Wonder Dog on an adventure to writing a terrific children’s story!

Book Marketing: How to Use Hashtags to Improve Your Twitter Reach

If you’re using Twitter for book marketing and to expand your fan base (and you should be!) you may still be confused by the concepts of hashtags and how to use them properly.


This excellent infographic from the brilliant marketing expert Neil Patel makes it all much simpler:

10 Declarations for the 21st Century Children’s Author

It’s time for a fresh start.


For the moment, forget apps and ebooks.  Forget query letters and page counts. Let’s focus on the one thing that will make or break your career writing for children.





To give you the boost you may need right now, we’ve created something we’d like to share with you. A few words that may help you catch a glimpse your own potential.


We call it 10 Declarations for the 21st Century Children’s Author, and we think it’s something everyone who writes for children needs to read.  We hope you’ll agree.

How to Create Your Own Children’s Writing Niche — With One Simple Technique

Can you really create an entirely new children’s writing idea by simply adding a word or a phrase to an existing concept?


Believe it or not, you absolutely can! Let’s try it out…

Winning the Mental Game of Writing

In this exclusive conversation, Jon and Andrea talk about the biggest obstacles each of us face in our writing careers. You’ll get new perspectives that can help you overcome these hurdles, and lots of inspiration to fill your sails as you move forward.


This is truly important information, so please invest the time to watch or listen — and then go change the world!

A Top Editor on What Children’s Writers Must Know to Succeed Today

Emma Dryden is one of children’s publishing’s most accomplished editors, having worked on hundreds of books for young readers.


Recently, Emma sat down for a video chat with CBI Publisher Laura Backes. In this, the first of three parts, Emma describes what all children’s writers must do to stay relevant and thrive in today’s publishing environment.

Make Your Writing Blog a Winner: Key Tips for Success

If you’re blogging to build a fan base (and you should be!) you want the time you invest to be fruitful. A writing blog can help you reach fan and wide in your marketing efforts — if you know what you’re doing.

Young Adult Authors: Here’s Where to Find Your Readers Online

If you’re an author of Young Adult literature and you’re looking to build a fan base of teen readers, this infographic will be pure gold. It’s from the folks at Adweek, and it shows the power of two platforms: Facebook and Youtube.

Struggling With Your Writing? Don’t Quit! Watch This Instead….

Say hello to Teresa Funke — children’s author, writing coach and entrepreneur. Teresa’s a real pro, and she’s seen the ups and downs of a writing career.


In this video, Teresa reaches out to anyone who’s struggling, and asking “why is writing so hard?” If you’re feeling that way, fear not. Teresa has all the inspiration you need!

Terrified by Book Marketing? Do This Instead…

We get it. You’re a writer, not a marketer. You’re not excited by the notion of “hawking your wares” or “pushing your book”. You think that, every time you ask someone for money, a little piece of your soul dissolves.


In today’s publishing environment, those who get the shakes at the thought of self-promotion have been given two choices:


1. Get Over It
2. Become extinct.


May I offer a third choice?….