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Ask Writer Alice: Making Your Story Original

Author Alice Kuipers is back, and this time she addresses the question, “How do I make my story original for my readers?”     Do you have a question you’d like Alice to answer in a future video? Email us at, and put “Ask Writer Alice” in the subject line.   Alice Kuipers is […]

Take a Moment and Look at This — It May Change the Course of Your Life

In the next two minutes, you can identify your own obstacles and poor mental habits, and replace them with something far more conducive to success. Want to give it a shot?

A Writer’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

In this quick video, Author/Writer’s Coach Teresa Funke offers tips on how to maintain your creative energy during the stressful holiday season. Visit to learn more about Teresa’s writer’s coaching or to download her most requested tools.      

Use Author Visits to Generate Book Ideas

by Natasha Wing   If you’re a writer who has a hard time coming up with new ideas, schools are a breeding grounds for them.   Whenever I do school visits, I have one ear and one eye open to possible new book ideas. First of all, kids and teachers are your reading audience. They […]

I Was a Serendipitous Children’s Writer

by Noelle Sterne   I was as surprised as anyone at how I came to write and publish a children’s book. It all began . . . .   One afternoon, in my manuscript typing and editing service, as I visited with a client, she opened her briefcase to take out her manuscript. Under it, […]

Turn Your Inner Critic into a Wise Editor

Every writer I know has an inner critic. Even successful authors must put up with the nagging voice that pesters them as they work, feeding them negative messages about their writing. It’s time to silence this critical voice. Here’s how!

Ask Writer Alice: The Difference Between Middle Grade and Young Adult

Bestselling author Alice Kuipers is back with another quick video explaining the difference between middle grade and young adult fiction. If you have questions you want Alice to answer in a future video, see how to submit them below.         Do you have a question you’d like Alice to answer in a […]

#WeNeedDiverseBooks Starts Movement for Diversity in Children’s Books

Earlier this year when BookCon (a reader’s convention organized by the industry’s Book Expo America) announced its lineup of 30 all-star children’s authors, two things were missing: female authors, and authors of color. In response, a group of 22 authors, publishers and bloggers launched the We Need Diverse Books campaign. In less than a day […]

Four Foolproof Ways to Hook Children’s Nonfiction Readers

If you write children’s nonfiction, you have only moments to grab your reader’s attention. Here’s how….

Ask Writer Alice: Trends and Books on Writing

In this short video, bestselling YA author Alice Kuipers answers questions about following trends, and recommends some great books on writing.       Do you have a question you’d like Alice to answer in a future video? Email us at, and put “Ask Writer Alice” in the subject line.   Alice Kuipers is the […]

Building the Perfect Monster, Bogeyman, or Other Creatures that Go Bump in the Night

by Christina Hamlett   Like a lot of kids, I grew up thinking that monsters lived in my closet. I had no real reason for believing this, nor did I ever ponder why they could be kept so easily at bay by a Tinkerbelle nightlight, an open bedroom door and a cadre of vigilant stuffed […]

Interactive eBooks for Kids Put the Readers in Control

by Alice Kuipers   Time for my latest confession (I seem to get into confessional mode when I write for you at – perhaps it’s because I’m talking to like-minded writers…). Here it is: I’m a control freak. I’m in charge of my characters. None of this “my characters let me know how the story […]