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Four Foolproof Ways to Hook Nonfiction Readers

by Sue Bradford Edwards     Paid member of Children’s Book Insider? Click on the link below this post for bonus content.     Fact:  If you write nonfiction, you have only moments to grab your reader’s attention.   Young readers have many demands on their time.  Some people blame electronics. Others target over scheduling […]

Ask Writer Alice: Trends and Books on Writing

In this short video, bestselling YA author Alice Kuipers answers questions about following trends, and recommends some great books on writing.       Do you have a question you’d like Alice to answer in a future video? Email us at, and put “Ask Writer Alice” in the subject line.   Alice Kuipers is the […]

Building the Perfect Monster, Bogeyman, or Other Creatures that Go Bump in the Night

by Christina Hamlett   Like a lot of kids, I grew up thinking that monsters lived in my closet. I had no real reason for believing this, nor did I ever ponder why they could be kept so easily at bay by a Tinkerbelle nightlight, an open bedroom door and a cadre of vigilant stuffed […]

Interactive eBooks for Kids Put the Readers in Control

by Alice Kuipers   Time for my latest confession (I seem to get into confessional mode when I write for you at – perhaps it’s because I’m talking to like-minded writers…). Here it is: I’m a control freak. I’m in charge of my characters. None of this “my characters let me know how the story […]

How to Get the 2015 Children’s Writers & Illustrator’s Market for Less than Half Price!

We’ve got an exclusive coupon for writeforkids readers!

Kindle Kids’ Book Creator: How Not to Blow a Golden Opportunity for Children’s Writers

Back on September 3, Amazon took the writing community by surprise by releasing its free Kindle Kids’ Book Creator software. The promise? Writers can now create and publish illustrated children’s eBooks for Kindle — even in landscape mode.   Then, two weeks later, Amazon released its first Kindle tablet specifically for children.   Now, let’s put […]

Writing New Adult Fiction

New Adult Fiction, with characters age 18-25, is exploding. But what, exactly, is New Adult, and how is it different from writing for young adults? Deborah Halverson, author of Writing New Adult Fiction, explains the ins and outs of NA in this interview.

How to Write Plays Children Will Love

Tap into your inner Shakespeare by creating plays for children of all ages. Here’s how to get started….

A 2 Minute Master Class in Time Management for Writers

Feeling stressed? Can’t get everything on your “to do” list done? Spend a minute or two with this infographic and start changing your relationship to time.

How to Write a Children’s Book with More Depth

A story that moves beyond the obvious is a story that appeals to young readers — and their parents. Find out how to add depth to your writing with these easy to follow tips.

7 Things Editors at Children’s Book Publishers Wish Writers Knew

Ever wonder what editors really think about the submissions they receive? Read on — and find out!

Amazon Launches KDP Kids — Free Kids’ Book Creator for Kindle

Big news today — Amazon has launched a free tool that promises to make building an illustrated children’s ebook and posting it for sale on Amazon a simple, intuitive process.